OTR System

The OTRG system:

The process firstly utilises a web-based cataloguing system which allows the subscriber to form a unique individual account which allows the catalogue of their clothing. Very similar to your day to day email account. You are able to itemise each unique piece of clothing and catalogue by uploading of images and details regarding the item of clothing they wish to catalogue.
The user can catalogue each item via size, shape, colour and style. The catalogue being web-based can be viewed at any time and is the portal to the remaining OTRG services.

Cleaning, Storage and Handling:

From this simple database platform OTRG has a pick up and clean service which takes place once the cataloguing phase is completed. OTRG staff will pick up your catalogued clothing and proceed to have it cleaned and stored at our secure storage facilities. Our storage facilities will see your clothing is securely kept in garment bags and/or garment boxes.
The handling of your clothing will be through utmost care ensuring your items are available for use upon re-call.

Through the web-based platform you will be able to re-call items of clothing to be returned to you for use. Through the simple retrieval portal your items of clothing will be once again cleaned ensuring a fresh quality and returned for use at a few clicks of the mouse.

The Benefits:
The benefits of the OTRG services are extensive; but hear are some main ones.

The cataloguing process allows you to view each item of clothing you own and allows you to plan what and when you want to where; Have a date on Friday night and you need that little black dress made ready? Seasonal fashion changes yes you can store your seasonal clothing and recall them in 6 months.

The travelling executive or “fly in fly out” person; you are free to travel the way travelling should be with “No luggage”. Yes we will pick up from your home and have all your clothes made available freshly pressed for use at your destination…Great for the ongoing weekly commute.
And Yes we will pick them up, clean them and store them locally for your return.

The OTRG catalogue allows for willing subscribers to have their clothing made public for other subscribers to view. This service allows for the clothing to be hired out or sold to other community members. A perfect cost effective way of having access to some stunning clothes for a significantly lower cost. Perfect for upcoming events you’ve forgotten about.

In addition to the hire out and sale of the clothing our charitable donation service allows you to have your old clothes donated to the less fortunate. Yes working closely with some of Victoria’s charities your clothes will find there way to those less fortunate.