About us:


Off The Rail Group (OTRG) Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company form in 2017 by Directors Francis Palmer and Frances Rault.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria and servicing Australia wide; OTRG offers a specialised wardrobe management service which has revolutionised the way people see their clothes and the upkeep and storing of their clothing.

From¬†executives travelling across Australia to¬†the everyday person, OTRG has a unique service which will remove the hassles of your wardrobe clutter in it’s entirety.

OTRG provides a unique series of services which allow your clothes to be at a simple reach without the need for cluttering and shortage of space, cleaning and handling.

Our Mission Statement:

Off The Rail Group provides an ongoing clothing management system which uniquely allows subscribers to view their wardrobe in a new light. Our persistence for quality and unique service at the highest level ensures your wardrobe is clutter free, clean, secure and readily available. OTRG will revolutionise your wardrobe at the push of a mouse button.

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